The Start of Yom Kippur, The End for Chickens

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Although many in the Jewish faith have turned to alternative beginnings, Chickens are the first to perish in preparation for Yom Kipppu. The kaparot (symbolic for "atonement") is a rite in readying for Yom Kippur.

The long suffering  live Chickens consists of taking a chicken and gently passing it over one's head three times ( BTW the helpless birds are held by a wing ) at the same time reciting the appropriate text. The Bird is then slaughtered in accordance with halachic procedure and its monetary worth given to the poor, or, the  dead fowl is donated to a charitable cause. Man practicing Jews are at odds with using Chickens to celebrate Yom Kippur and feel that a alternative in a non living thing instead of a live bird is  the way to go.  The Details h/t PRI