"Happy New Year, and Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2015! Sad, that many people relegate this sentence to the last week of December and the first week of January, when it has implications which go beyond the bounds of proper protocols of good upbringing during the Holidays. January is the time to plan and execute your garden design. By the term "garden" I mean your life plan for 2015 - what you want to accomplish and how are you going to get there. A garden is a subjective construct which must be planned, executed, maintained and ( hopefully - but not necessarily ) shared with others - no greater joy than sharing your harvest with other people.  Take a moment  ( try to )  find a quiet place and ask your self honestly:

1. What is important to me?

2.What type of garden do I want to nurture?

3. How will  the garden I take from, give back to and share with others be different from the garden I planted in 2014?

4. What lessons have I learned and what lessons do I have to reexamine in order to make 2015 bountiful?

The image on this post is an example of the many ( possible ) spaces for you write down your dreams, thoughts , reflections and goals ( please leave at least one space blank,  there is always room for a new thought ).

A. Who do you want to be in 2015, how would you like others to perceive you? 

B. Who would you like to be closer to in 2015, whom do you already have a relationship with (no matter at what level )  who would you prefer to distance yourself?

C. What type of diet would you be interested in undertaking? Remember a "diet" is a track - a way of eating and does not necessarily reflect a reduction in caloric intake.

D. Is your space ( the place you live and the place you "work" ) cramping your style? Make plans to change it. Gardens have different light, temperature and tending requirements - approach your "space" with the same consideration.

E. Are you at peace with yourself? Being your own person, living your own life and caring for others, children, pets, a vegetable or cutting garden, an elderly parent or a spouse is hard work if done correctly. 

Plan for a wondrous 2015, start with healthy seeds - the seeds of honesty and watch YOUR garden grow - good luck:)