What do you expect for Valentine's Day? A good meal, a demonstration of love from your current love interest? A taste of chocolate from the box being passed around at the office? A card from someone you care about?  A proposal from the one you love? Twelve dozen roses in a color you different from the Vase Fillers you received last year.

I think the message of Valentines Day for women who understand and have embraced the beauty, challenges,  and opportunities of living in urban areas is that Valentine's Day is an appreciation of what you love not a superficial holiday about giving where you don't see a need or sharing thoughts you are not ready to elaborate - Valentine's Day is about appreciating what you have available to you and supporting it's continuity.

Farmers Markets  Do you support them during the winter months? 

Fruit and Vegetables  Do you eat seasonally and do you understand the toll your eating out of season takes on the environment?

Sheltered Educational Community Green Spaces  Do you seek out and provide on going support for sheltered green spaces ( museums, art gallery's, conservatories ) when the weather is inclement?

Take out to Eat In  Food delivery services are becoming more sophisticated and are catering to the Urban Vegetarian Demographic   which is good when time competes with nutrition - you have to eat well especially  when you are feeling stressed and sleep deprived. Are you taking your diet into your own hands by learning how to maximize the nutrients which are accessible to you?

Romance and the Modern Urban Woman Valentines Day is not a puzzle and it's not a secret let yourself be open to surprise and joy  but remember people do what they want to do and make excuses for everything else:) "Love Potion Number Nine" is a cute song ( and a funny movie ) but you can't buy love in a bottle.

Love on All Fours Pets enhance our lives, aren't you happier coming home to your cat or dog? Show them you love them by being a pro active care taker - the hardness of the city affects them too help make their lives easier  continuing your education into what  makes canines and felines live happy healthy lives.

Yes  the words "I love you" can be music to our ears but don't let the superficial aspect of Valentine's Day put your ability to love and be loved on hold,  Share the love, by doing - actions really do speak louder than words:)