I just want to run when I see this image and never stop...:)

I just want to run when I see this image and never stop...:)

The heat of August warms my soul I feel at home during the hottest days of summer because I know they will end and the cold wet weather will make these heat filled days a distant memory. I have had the pleasure of sit at the top of the waves, having the breath of the beach behind me waving, rolling, a ruckus laughter at my back, saying: OK You are OK go with it..... be cool.

1. Find shelter during the hottest time of the day.

2. Nourish your body before you venture out.

3. Bring nutrients and water for your four legged friends before your day trip begins.

4. Check out the latest GPS systems: affordable, reliable, universal BRING A GPS READY DEVICE WITH YOU:).

5. Ask your guests to arrive just before sundown, in the future think twice before asking anyone to arrive in the heat of the day ( sundown allows for drinks, aperitifs, appetizers and slow talk to prevail:)

6. Remember it is summertime, Autumn is approaching enjoy the lazy delusion of the heat and the sultry invitation of the warm air remember when all else fails to relax and enjoy.


How To Stay Cool In August