HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBIE! The American Icon at 55


I remember like it was yesterday - my twin sister and I playing with our ( massive ) collection of Barbie and our limited collection of Ken dolls, what fun we had as kids imagining different adventures for Ken and Barbie to do on! it seemed even then that there were few Ken's to go around { we were already getting set up to think that men were in short supply and that we had to aspire to "Barbieism" ( female perfection ) or else risk not getting a man ( Ken look alike )}.  My sister and I had one Ken doll for every three Barbies?:)


Barbie is 55 she never looked better! Her skin is tight her eyes are bright and although she is still in the red women  ( and men ) everywhere model their opinion of beauty on this tiny doll from Wisconsin. Barbara Millicent Roberts may have come from humble beginnings and  yet despite competition from American Girl she is still sadly what American women  and some men ) strive to look like. I have thought this through and Barbie must be a vegetarian - why? look at her vegetarian women collectively are thinner, healthier and more athletic than their meat eating counter parts. Healthy vision as we age is connected to eating fruits and vegetables ( not eating mass quantities of meat )  And while it helps that Barbies gene pool is mostly plastic taught healthy glowing skin is also a classic vegetarian attribute. Another reason why I believe Barbie is a vegetarian is because she has no turkey neck:) 

Although I make light of Barbie's birthday I am saddened to think that in 2014 many people if asked believe that if a woman could look like barbie she would be considered  the epitomy  of beauty - the most beautiful girl in the world ( think how long it took major fashion magazines to put a women of ( phenotypic ) color on the covers?) This alone alienates about 90 percent of the girls and women today. Of course there are natural blonde women with bright blue eyes  who are beauties - but the same could be said for red heads and brunettes - there is room on the stage for all women shapes, sizes and ethnicities. A brown Barbie ( Barbie with tan ) is just as phony and sends the wrong message to a child as the traditional Barbie does.


Barbie must be a vegetarian because she  still looks the same youthful glow she did when she was a small town

 Ruth and Elliott Handler

Ruth and Elliott Handler

If more women ate a diet that was made of food instead of the packaged foods that pretend to be food more women would love themselves and take Barbie for what she really is, a dolly:)


If more men loved themselves and appreciated that aging is natural and women who love them love their men  who age as well  -despite the man of their dreams not looking like Barbie's man - Ken, then more couples would enjoy each other as they grew old together and not by secretly ( or openly ) wishing that  they looked like Barbie and Ken look alines ( duh ).

If Barbie is a vegetarian than she should make an effort to be more "green"  Perhaps her contract with Mattel does not call for her to live green but it should - one hundred years from now we don't want the earth to be littered with the remains of barbie dolls in land fills, Barbie should be made from all recycled "green" plastic(s):) 

Barbie was reported "In the Pink" in 2009 by The Economist and although she has not made a complete financial recovery from her years selling like hot cakes she still is a winner with kids ( and adult ) collectors.

Barbie is the number one face and body plastic surgeons are ( unrealistically ) requested to mimic on their low self esteem patients.

Apparently live women can't compete with  the Ageless Beauty, Socially Accepted, Financially Independent Barbie  who is alive and we'll and making heads turn on the cover of  the most popular Mens Magazine.

Love of all things Barbie is not bad - I don't consider it so. But I would like to think of how much better off the world would be if barbie were made from recycled plastic, If girls were taught that their unique beauty is more powerful than the little plastic girl who, like Peter Pan never grew up ( nor wanted to :) I'd like to think that Barbie's beauty came from her vegetarian diet but then I'd have to think that her cousins the Cabbage Patch Dolls were editable:) More fun facts about Barbie here.