April, Nature's Plan Realized

I believe, the month of April is like an unexpected gush of wind, cool, fantastical a sort of momentary lift of the gravity which holds us to the earth. Although spring begins late in March, it is April's flutter of leaves, blast of color, soothing rains and brilliant sky which are why we look forward to the season. If you are interested in living a green lifestyle April offers many opportunities to continue your education and truly enjoy the beauty of this special time of the year.


dancing in the rain flower


"There is no glory in star or blossom till looked upon by a loving eye; There is no fragrance in April breezes till breathed with joy as they wander by." William C. Bryant


There are two sides to every coin - for example did you know that nature intended what we call poison to also be a cure? Understanding this lesson - that all things labeled "bad" "distasteful" and "unheard of" have no good use will guide you in a plethora of life applications - be cautious, but be open too:)


In this wondrous city we become human again. April in Paris is the time of year where people everywhere stand and cheer kiss and remember when all was well. April in Paris is a vast fortune spent on the many not just on the few:)

eggplant beans tomatoes


People are starving. Walk through any supermarket in the developed world and it is extremely hard to imagine that people are: 1. Eating foods which make them crazy ( and in some cases dangerous ). 2. Consuming foods which deplete their energy there by causing their temperament to affect their  personal and professional relationships. 3. Enabling malnutrition - a sometimes reversible condition where by an organism is slowly dying. April is a month to share the food that you have and support those organizations and for profit businesses which share good food with those less fortunate. 

woman with money


Invest in the things that matter most. How many times have you thought you had money only to find you well run dry? When you think of recycle and reuse for example and you imagine look toward influencers whose actions provide green options for citizens do you also consider how your spending habits affect the future -  yes our bank accounts are individual but our spending habits affect  people animals and the environment. Make the choice to learn about how having money and not having changes everything.


Let the season take you where you have not been before. Some urban settings are a bit slower to embrace spring and all her boldness so girls take the lead be bright daring and wear the colors Mother Nature proclaims: "Spring has arrived!"

April: Apply your self. Applaud markets where fresh and local are standard practice. Adapt to the changes april has to offer, take a closer look your city is in bloom, be well.