FLOWER POWER: Images from the deYoung's Bouquets to Art 2014

In the heart of San Francisco's Golden Gate park 125 Artists descend upon the deYoung for the thirtieth anniversary of Bouquets to Art: naturally inspired unique interpretations of the art museums master works - most part of their permanent collection(s). Below find images which I took March 23, 2014. I share these images with you in the hope that you consider becoming a member of the deYoung,  while the images are sure to spark your imagination viewing the works live is all the more magical .membership  Passionate about the deYoung and other art museums around the globe, these living spaces are reminders of our collective history and humanity - I can not imagine a world without museums - won't you join me in supporting and promoting them - there is of course something of interest for everyone:)!

Through the lens  -  Bouquet to Arts 2014

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Enjoy via the click through gallery below:)