Time to remember: Waving Goodbye to September

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September is one of my favorite months so when it ends I think of the reasons why I love it so here are just a few. 

September is a subtle transition into what will be the " dark months" until the end of March. The term dark months refer to the cold period when plants ( and some animals ) prepare to sleep, stock up on food and or plan the spring gardens. Sunsets seem brighter in September when the memory of summers at the shore tide me over during long work days.

 September, and the eating is good! The summer harvest is wrapping up and the last of the tomatoes, summer squash, peppers  make for great sauces, chutney and soup. September is the month to begin to think about how we will eat during the winter months when "fresh' in some parts of the country become's harder to find. 

September became a collective period of  mourning following 911. I reflect on that day, how it has changed the way we ( Americans ) interact with each other and what our future relationship with people we may not see eye to eye with mean for our happiness and safety - Although I am  a patriot I want everyone in the world to find their own peace and want that for the rest of the world - with peace we find joy! 

September will always be for me "back to school"  whether literally or figuratively - the warm sunset and cool mornings of September I look forward to learning about everything new and or revisiting a subject I have  a strong personal interest in, "school may be out for summer" but when September rolls around, I find some reason or another to "crack the books":)

Lots of good things are happening in the world and October promises to be a month of  positive change for many people, and the environment because more people want to live healthier, happier, "green" lives.  i welcome October but will occasionally look over my shoulder and wave hello to September:) 

In Song

Daughtry - September 

Billie Holiday - September Song

You may quote me:  

 "We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost." - Henry Rollins

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