Suburban Ends? Finding your roots or Looking to Spread Out Suburbia is a dual state of mind

In 2013, "suburban" is a state of mind!

Suburban or Urban -these lifestyle choices evolve with term "green space" and places urban veggie girls at an advantage because we have the resources and the inclination to reexamine our choices. Do we want the comforts of suburban living in an urban setting ( ideal ) or do we just want to live suburban - that is the question?)  is  it "The "End of  Suburbia?"

Levittown information, how times have changed

Depending upon which source you read young professionals are moving to the suburbs in search of the space, peace of mind and sense of community " that grandmother had".  To "live suburban" is both a geographic choice and a life style construct that has evolved since the 1950's when suburbs across the country tried to emulate "Levittown"

and because of  the strength of advertising, everyone looked the same and live the same an aspire to the same way of life.  In fact many urban centers have neighborhoods that emulate suburbia and are still referred to as living "in town" ( the upper northwest neighborhood,

Chevy Chase in Washington, DC comes to mind ). Today urban expansion of  public services, shopping and leisure activities connects both city and suburb and has at times blurred the boundaries of both.  The review by Joel Kotkin debunks much of Ms. Gallagher's book. However, if you think about it, the American Dream of owning in the suburbs only manifests itself if that dream is open to and is attainable all people. Even if one does not want a suburban zip code many  people of diverse backgrounds would like to know they can get to one if they wanted too.  Whether you aspire to a vegetarian life style in the suburbs or enjoy going green the city, "The End of the Suburbs"by Leigh Gallagher is an education. 


suburbia could not tame Edward Scissorhands