Over the Counter Reminders: Drainage / Pantry / Lighting

Welcome October the month of everything pumpkin! I was taken with our cover image because of its charming and inviting appeal! This beautiful  blue pumpkin makes me think of the crisp dusk walks home and of the warm pumpkin soup that  I will enjoy when I get there and the picture  brought  back memories of autumns past of pumpkin patches roast pumpkin seeds and the delight choosing pumpkins for my front steps.

October is a preparation month for the change in the weather and the upcoming Holiday Season, I've found these tips helpful. 

 Remember to: 

Consider drainage, in some locations, October is the start of the rainy season: 

Check your gutters,  clear all debris and direct water away from your house.

Not a home owner? Ask your landlord to check the drainage and discuss energy efficient windows and or putty for older windows to keep moisture out.

Consider purchasing a rain barrel ( that will tolerate freezing temperatures ). 

Check your sewer  pipe - in northern CA for example many sewer pipes were constructed  using clay and many are at the age where they are star gin to crack and cause damage to homes and yards. Does your sewer line need  to be updated? You  don't want to find yourself standing in "black water" in the shower:) 

 Do you enjoy your pantry space? 

Check  your local supermarket for: frozen food deals ( on fruits and veggies grown in the USA ) and think about new foods to try and re-imagine recipes with old favorites. I had a taste of "Purely Decadent" vegan chocolate cream and was pleasantly surprised - it was great!  And consider your pantry or cupboard space, there is no standard size or layout, make it functional ( easy access to items ), fun ( perhaps adding art and or recipe books about pantry items for your to peruse ), and, get organized!

Label all items clearly and place all items in a logical order - you'll save time and energy. Check second hand stores and or REAL DEALS for storage canisters and organizers for the pantry many stores are ( already ) gearing up for the holiday season and there are lots of good deals out there - shop with your head not your heart:) 

Here comes the sun - go solar!

 Solar lighting is a green way to "get lit" Lights come in many sizes and designs and fit all budgets.

Solar lighting is a green way to "get lit" Lights come in many sizes and designs and fit all budgets.

No matter what size your out door space you enjoy, why not take advantage of a green, free fuel with solar lighting. A small investment pays for itself in the form of  ( free  solar energy. If you own your own home solar panels are an investment which brings consistent high returns!  Also think about solar lighting for your outdoor spaces and if you already have solar path  / accent or up lighting on your property or patio area  - follow the sun and relocate the lights to optimize your lighting ( the change in season has also brought a additional shadows where there was sun to your garden and or terrace ). 

There are many reasons to look forward to October above are just a few, don't forget to keep an eye out for rain boots sizes over women's size 7 go quickly and rain boots make good garden boots too - so plan ahead:)