SAY IT WITH PAINT, Just Don't Eat Your Work:)


What colors come to mind when you think of January?  Do you dress in Winter Colors? Does your home decor reflect the colors of the season - including the drab days of winter? It is understandable why the weather -  cold, snow and ice and the lack of leaves on trees would make most people think in terms of dark and dreary colors which reflect the season. Even in the warmer states - NM / AZ and CA  ( "you don't wear white past September - unless it is winter white " ) these colors are the most popular colors people think of during the start of the New Year:

grey / "winter white" / black / Dark Green / Brown / Cranberry / Navy

While researching color combinations and themes for staging a residential property for sale I found Anna Sova Paint - Eco friendly food based Paint which contains 94 % food products !  They even have a baby paint collection! I tried these colors and found they were true:


eucalyptus leaves.jpg

Red Grapefruit





A change of color can have a dramatic affect on how you and your visitors see a room. Choose paint color as carefully as you choose the colors you wear. This eco friendly paint is yet another way you can personalize a space and bring a naturally inspired color to you home, office or guest house. Whether you choose to use the subtle colors of the current sea on or bring spring flowers, the heat of summer or the oranges and browns of Autumn in this winter say it  beautifully with, paint!:)


Place paper paint samples in the darkest part of the room you are considering and check paint sample with the light on and off ( remember the light will change each season and affect the room color.

What color palette is the room? The furnishings - do you change them according to season?

Paint colors do not look the same on every monitor and paper paint samples dry darker  once they are on the wall. Perhaps try a pint of paint or a pod  size sample BEFORE you commit to a gallon of paint ( I recently purchased "Biscotti" did not like the color and will donate the gallon of paint to a local NPO ).

You can not "return" paint to Home Improvement stores, most paint sales are "final".

Remember to have fun with areas which  are usually not a part of the design color consideration - areas such as closets and pantries,  personalizing these spaces with naturally inspired colors are sure to bring a smile on everyones face:)!