SAY IT WITH PAINT, Just Don't Eat Your Work:)


What colors come to mind when you think of January?  Do you dress in Winter Colors? Does your home decor reflect the colors of the season - including the drab days of winter? It is understandable why the weather -  cold, snow and ice and the lack of leaves on trees would make most people think in terms of dark and dreary colors which reflect the season. Even in the warmer states - NM / AZ and CA  ( "you don't wear white past September - unless it is winter white " ) these colors are the most popular colors people think of during the start of the New Year:

grey / "winter white" / black / Dark Green / Brown / Cranberry / Navy

While researching color combinations and themes for staging a residential property for sale I found Anna Sova Paint - Eco friendly food based Paint which contains 94 % food products !  They even have a baby paint collection! I tried these colors and found they were true:


eucalyptus leaves.jpg

Red Grapefruit





A change of color can have a dramatic affect on how you and your visitors see a room. Choose paint color as carefully as you choose the colors you wear. This eco friendly paint is yet another way you can personalize a space and bring a naturally inspired color to you home, office or guest house. Whether you choose to use the subtle colors of the current sea on or bring spring flowers, the heat of summer or the oranges and browns of Autumn in this winter say it  beautifully with, paint!:)


Place paper paint samples in the darkest part of the room you are considering and check paint sample with the light on and off ( remember the light will change each season and affect the room color.

What color palette is the room? The furnishings - do you change them according to season?

Paint colors do not look the same on every monitor and paper paint samples dry darker  once they are on the wall. Perhaps try a pint of paint or a pod  size sample BEFORE you commit to a gallon of paint ( I recently purchased "Biscotti" did not like the color and will donate the gallon of paint to a local NPO ).

You can not "return" paint to Home Improvement stores, most paint sales are "final".

Remember to have fun with areas which  are usually not a part of the design color consideration - areas such as closets and pantries,  personalizing these spaces with naturally inspired colors are sure to bring a smile on everyones face:)!  


 And he sell smoked after he was ill?!

And he sell smoked after he was ill?!

A dear friend once said to me while out strolling, one crisp evening along Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown: "Kissing a girl who smokes is like licking an ash tray". I had stopped smoking back in high school but found this illustrative statement interesting ( and funny ) none the less and shared it with my  ( then ) gal pals who were smokers ( only two out of six quit ).

Please tell anyone you love and anyone who is the NexGen in your life that cigarettes are NOT cool - pose this question:
Why are you paying someone to kill you? The Tobacco Companies are deep in YOUR money sending generations of their kids to ivy league schools and to exotic locations during "Spring Break" on YOUR dime - stop smoking! stop paying someone to kill you ( and put you in the poor house ) one filtered cigarette at a time!.

If you are on public transportation and someone boards the bus / train and exhales when they board ( duh ) open a window or move away from them cigarette smoke is HARD to get out once you have been "in the cloud"


Wash your hair - and your face if you have been in the vicinity of  smoker

Move away from anyone who is smoking

Move your baby away from anyone who is smoking

Move your pet away from anyone who is smoking

Move your food away from anyone who is smoking

Move a senior away from anyone who is smoking

Move your plants away from anyone who is smoking

Move your clothes and all fabrics away from any living chimney - its your life stop letting someone who has no respect for their life, potentially negatively affect yours too

Harvard Study yields results

Celebrities who STILL smoke ( despite all of the resources available to them? ) ( duh )

Women who smoke while pregnant

Marlboro Man Dies



Giving you my heart forever.jpg


  A quote from the Millionaire Matchmaker inspired me to write this post about dating to marry ( ? ).  Patti Stanger CEO of the Millionaires Club, is a strong, charming, pretty, intelligent women with a great sense of humor and a whip at matching two lonely people ( who would other wise remain single  ) Patti, is  not a vegetarian but  I beg the question can  Urban Veggie Girls find happiness with a meat eater?

Diet is a term wrongly used to mean ( loss of food or less food intake ) when it really means:

1. The food choices I make

2. The amount of food  I choose to consume

3. Whom I trust to prepare my food

4. Knowledge about where my food comes from and why that is important for my health, the health of those who depend on me to prepared their food and how that choice influences the environment - "Diet is a loaded word"

5. I am responsible for  my  diet ( the food I ingest )

 I believe, If you are married and become a vegetarian - you can live happily with a husband or partner who is a meat date HOWEVER the more committed you become to vegetarian life style meaning:

I don't eat meat /poultry or fish for ethical / health/  and political reasons ( you may also include religious reasons ) the more difficult it could be to live with a person who is a devout meat eater.

 This image from

This image from

Make sure to cleanse all areas  in which meat /fish and poultry is prepared ( so that you are no inadvertently eating meat too.

Leave fresh fruit and veggies ( and their nutritious canned and frozen brethren around when fresh is not possible ) for your family to enjoy and try vegetarian  takes   (traditional ) meat recipes ( for example chili is traditionally made with meat, why not prepare this vegetarian chili below and serve to your family  - encouraging more fruits and veggies in their diets.

Vegetarian Bean Chili 1.jpg



If you are just starting to date someone who is  not a vegetarian nor a vegan and this could be an issue of contention for you politely ask why he or she eats meat, if they have considered becoming a vegetarian and if your  choice to live a life sans meat would negatively impact your new true love's style and or habits. Please remember - if I may use this term - "there are many fish in the sea" I feel confident you can find someone who loves, respects and trusts you who is a vegetarian / vegan too:)

More on living with meat eater here...


 Patti Stanger posted this image on her Facebook page today - I mostly agree but all dating should not be about tying the knot how about dating for the fun of it? you just might meet a good friend and a friend for life is worth a date!

Patti Stanger posted this image on her Facebook page today - I mostly agree but all dating should not be about tying the knot how about dating for the fun of it? you just might meet a good friend and a friend for life is worth a date!


Suggestion : Date to learn more about whom you are attracted to and to resolve - by experience the questions you have about why you are attracted to the people who catch your eye - not everyone I date I want to marry and not everyone with whom I ( think ) I want to marry I want to to be married to for a lifetime ( "Life" a long time ( just ask someone who is incarcerated:)  

 Living with a man who is a meat eater is hard - if there is a next go round I want to live with and love a vegetarian, explaining why I don't want to make a turkey at Thanksgiving would save a lot of time and energy:) How about a new twist, marry someone with whom you are in love with who respects and trusts you and if it is for life fine and if it does not last thats OK too ( we are promised today NOT tomorrow )  What was the saying:  "You do your thing and I will do mine and "If by chance we find each other its beautiful":)

The Power 8 : Take The Urban Veggie Girl Pledge To Live Green In 2014

flower-still-life PD.jpg

Did you grow in 2013?  I'm not asking if you put on weight or if you completed a course and earned an A+ I am talking about self growth, firmly resolving to x,y, and z and sticking to it in ways that you can measure. Remember George Bailey in the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life"  he got a chance to see what life would be like for the people around him,  if he had never been born. In the chaos of and subsequent turbulence of  the circumstances that threatened to cripple him, his family and the town they lived in, he became like a still life image  caught between reality and make believe. You and I may not have  the opportunity to see what life would be like had we not been born but here are some thoughts to get you thinking about your green stamp - how you influence the "eco -friendliness" of your world.

Become more aware ( of how you impact your surroundings for example no one should know you were in a pristine environment because you left your garbage behind - take it with you ).

Be a conscious consumer - make educated choices about the products you purchase and how those choices impact the environment.

Become a culinary custodian ( for your family, friends and colleagues ) you can help them make healthier food choices by teaching them about what food options they have, many people are still not aware, for example the impact buying local has on their communities.

Buy less packaged foods = less to recycle, less in landfills, less to carry home, less to store, less to spend ( notice I did not say increased savings - poor people safe and rich people spend less - get familiar with the difference and increase your financial literacy:)

Communicate with your local grocer - this will let him know what you would like him to carry,  how you feel about what he is currently offering and how his store affects your neighborhood.

Consider planting a garden - no matter how big, small or complex gardens are good for the earth.

Discover reuse shops - some of what you "really want" can be found there ( still in its original packaging:)

Eat Less and Exercise More - when you look good, you feel good - now your mind is free to consider more challenging, creative and intellectual pursuits which can lead to happiness, prosperity and good health:)

CLOSE YOUR EYES - Envision yourself - as a young child, teenager, adult, parent and senior  who has taken steps toward some or all of my Power 8 Practices and share your findings with a friend who has also taken the pledge toward  becoming eco friendly in 2014 you might be surprised at how much you have grown, green:)