Playboy: Are 'Bunnies" Relevant in 2014?

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My introduction to Playboy Magazine happened quite by accident - I was  nine and looking for something in the attic of our small family home. I pulled down a box that was too heavy and found my uncle's ( who was home from a tour of duty )  Playboy Magazines - I ran to show my twin sister and we brought the magazines to my mother who promptly took them from us  and asked: "Where did you get this?" and tossed it into the trash. Since then I have occasionally read articles which have been suggested by colleagues on various topics: Playboy magazine can be a good read - I have no interest in the "Bunnie Bimbo" aspect, as I am a heterosexual but some of the articles are actually worth reading! A friend recently mentioned that her son is doing his thesis on the Relevance of Playboy Magazine and that got me thinking.

Is Playboy Magazine relevant in an age of  "show  ( all ) and tell ( all ) via cable and the internet?

Are young women ( still ) dying to and vying for a chance to be the playboy centerfold because they ( foolishly ) believe that it will get them to Hollywood faster than say a stint on a reality TV show?

Don't young women ( and men ) know that once your clothes are off there is nothing left for the audience to see ( nor look forward to ) from YOU?

"Bunnies" have donned veggies for charitable causes but there is no conclusive study which reveals what percentage of Playboy Bunnies are vegetarian / vegan, animal rights champions or environmental aficionados ( news who could use?:), although because they are an organized group they could come out together and say NO! to  companies which damage the environment ( bunnies do like green friendly places don't they:)?

Is Playboy Magazine made from recycled paper ( it should be - I don't know for sure but I am confident one magazine gets used ALOT but not enough to justify it not being made from recycled paper:)

Would those people who laugh or snigger at "working girls"  those girls and women who are sadly on the street making their living ) be happier if all of the prostitutes were offered a night or two at the Playboy Mansion?

OK so some women ( and men  ) feel that women are empowered as Playboy Bunnies and women have a right to show their bodies off nude or other wise. And some say that Playboy offers a public health resource - for men ( and some women ) as a release. -OK but remember once the clothes are off you can't put them back on the naked image of you remains no matter how much you are revered later and in the digital age this means FOREVER.

Lastly, I have thought about what will be the next phase of undress? In the age of social networking internet and TV programming which offers all stages of undress and acts available to view I can only hope ( and pray ) that women ( and men ) look to the timeless beauty of nature find happiness,  joy and peace for it is here where we are the most clean, open and  humble not via a center fold or cover of a men's magazine.

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